Practice Area

In fulfilling our legal service, RR Law Office has several departments focusing on legal cases and clients needs.

To date RR Law Office has 4 (four) departments focusing on different legal cases, the details are

as follows:

  • Litigation Department
  • Corporate & Transactional Department
  • Politics & Constitutional Court Litigation Department
  • Training & Legal Translation Department


1. Litigation Department

Focusing on handling the disputes related to criminal cases, civil cases and also arbitration.

- Banking Industry:

  • Handling banking fraud cases.
  • Handling legal dispute between the Banks and their  customers/debtors, or other related third parties.
  • Handling bad debts cases, either on pre-litigation process (among others: negotiation, sending the summon letter and others) and litigation process (among others: the proposal on executing the mortgage rights, civil claims and also criminal report).

- Insurance Company

  • Handling legal dispute between client and related customers regarding insurance claim settlement.
  • Handling insurance fraud cases, among others: related to fake policy issuance, etc
  • Handling cases  on pre-litigation process (among others: sending the summon letters, etc) and also litigation process (among others: cases handling on either civil or criminal cases).

- Other Companies/person

Handling legal disputes on pre-litigation process (among others: summon letter, negotiation) also litigation process (among others: civil case claim, criminal case and arbitration).


2. Corporate & Transactional Department

The scope of works of this department are basically matters related to any legal issues and  legal needs either for corporation or individual.

The scope of works including but not limited to :

  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Providing Legal Opinion for any legal issues.
  • Legal Drafting issues on documents needs which might cover the client’s needs.
  • Foreign Investment.


3. Politic & Constitutional Court Litigation Department

This Departmentfocuses on law political matters and handling legal cases at the Constitutional Court. Concerning the legal cases at the Constitutional Court, usually related to legal issues on Presidential Election (Pilpres)or the direct Election of District Head (Pilkada) and also proposal on Judicial Review for any laws and regulations.


4. Training & Legal Translation Department

As our vision and mission are also to meet the clients needs for any legal knowledge sharing, thus RR Law Office continually provides training service related to legal subject that will be delivered by knowledgeable and skilfull instructors. Therefore the share and transfer of the knowledge might enhance the personal skill and knowledge of the client which in the end would contribute positively upon the corporation.  

Beside Training, we also provide Legal Translation Service that particularly translates any legal documents from English-Indonesia or Indonesia-English, either Sworn Translator or non-Sworn Translator.

This departments is aimed to assist clients who need translation services for any legal documents. The translation work will be carried out by lawyers who also have capability on translation service, thus the translation will be made in accordance with relevant prevailing legal terms.